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Anglican church in nearby Columbia County

Sunday Morning Service - 10:00 AM --- Bible Study - Wednesday - 10:00 AM

First Baptist Church of High Springs

20112 N US Highway 441, High Springs, FL 32643

(386) 454-1505

We believe the church should be relevant to the lives of real people in every walk of life. From the children to our senior adult ministry, we are growing fast. Visit us this week and find out how you can get involved. You are welcome here!

Our History

In its one hundred plus year history, the church has built five houses of worship and two pastoriums.  Four churches and one pastorium stood on the original site in the southwest of town.  The congregation moved to its fifth and present church March, 1978.  The second pastorium is the one now occupied by our senior pastor.  The site of the first four churches and pastorium was purchased on August 29, 1887, from Mrs. S.C. Moore for $25.00.  It is believed that Mrs. Moore returned the $25.00 to the church.  The property for the second pastorium was given to the church by Mr. and Mrs. Sam Wells.  The seven acres of land where the present church stands was donated by Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Cain.

The first three churches were all wooden structures and were built within less than ten years.  The very first was a small, 18×30 feet, crude one room edifice with no windows.  Only wooden shutters kept out the rain, wind and cold.  The congregation soon outgrew this small, uncomfortable building and decided to build a larger and more suitable one.  The second one seemed destined for short life from its very early construction, for while it was being built, a storm came and greatly damaged it.  The strong winds left the building leaning.  It had to be up righted and repaired before it could be put to use.  It was completely destroyed by the “Big Tornado of 1896”, the worst storm in the history of High Springs.  Shortly thereafter, the third house of worship was built to serve the congregation until 1924

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