Glen Springs Veterinary Center is a mixed animal practice offering state of the art medicine with a small town atmosphere.

We pride ourselves on providing compassionate care at affordable prices for all you furry family. 

This place is a micro sanctuary for animals of abuse.

"I make vegan dog treats, and work with lifewave technology which has incredible, affordable, stem cell rejuvenation products. These saved my life from life threatening head injuries. Here a population of people who care can come and see the connection between climate change, the environment and their own health. Many who come have a deep compassion for animals.

This is a small place where I do my best to do outreach and invite people to look into what I am doing here. I stopped eating animals after I read a book in 1974 called Diet for a New America.  I am a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America."

Physical Address: 23517 NW 185th Road | High Springs, Fla. 32643

Mailing Address: PO Box 863 | High Springs, Fla. 32643

Phone: (386) 454 3120, President ( 704) 579-1295 | Fax: (386) 454 5848 |

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